Lake Macquarie

RIP, my blue Havaianas

Island hopping? Sounds more like Thailand or The Philippines than something you can do in good old Lake Macquarie!

Living right across the road from this gorgeous body of water was something I definitely took for granted last time we lived here. So, determined not to make this mistake again, last Friday I suggested to my boyfriend we take the boat out – a little tinnie purchased for an absolute steal by my bf, his brother and another mate a couple of weeks back.


We launched at Marks Point. Not only are the boat ramps here close to home, they’re also one of the easiest places from which to access the lake’s sand islands – tiny bush islets made bigger and more tropical (think bucketloads of white sand!) thanks to the effects of dredging.


Because it was a spontaneous adventure, we cruised around, stopping at the little beaches just long enough for a quick dip and to catch a few rays on the shore. With a bit more planning, next time I want to pack an esky, bring my girlfriends and some shade protection and really make a day of it!

So now you’re probably wondering, what the hell is the title of this post all about?

I left my precious Havaianas on one of the islands!!! So if you’re inspired to explore them like I was, look out, and you might just score yourself a new pair of thongs while you’re at it. Hope you fit a size 4!

– Ellie


Water colour reminiscent of places I’ve visited in Thailand and The Philippines


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